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 The Ghost, The Challenge, The Victor.

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Developmental talent

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The Ghost, The Challenge, The Victor. Empty
PostSubject: The Ghost, The Challenge, The Victor.   The Ghost, The Challenge, The Victor. I_icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2015 9:29 pm

Within the backstage area, in the hall, an employee is seen walking towards the maintenance room, where a hand would pull him in, and within minutes, he'd be thrown back out. Shortly after, the door swings open, and the very same hand grabs the camera, and the cameraman, and pulls them in.

A dim light shines in the center of the room, the light flickering, as the camera was lifted, and put onto a nearby table, as a masked man put the camera guy on the chair that sat under the light, and tied him around it.

Cameraman: W-Who are you?!

???: Silence!

A slap would sound, the cameraman screaming in pain.

???: Hello, everyone. Fans of TTF. Tonight, will be a great one, for tonight, I face Super Tempest. Last week, I loss. But, that loss was an example of what will not happen. For tonight, shall be the example of what will happen!

Cameraman: Ghost? Please don't hurt me!

The Ghost: Correct, Rick. But I'm a soldier, I don't hurt civilians. I fight for freedom, I hide in the darkness, then I burst into the light of victory once it's for the taking!

The Ghost would blink a few times, his eyes scanning the room, then both of his hands grabbing the camera, and raising it above his head.


Suddenly, the camera was headbutted, and static filled the screen.
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The Ghost, The Challenge, The Victor.
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