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 Roscar9GRE talks about the PPV match

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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Roscar9GRE talks about the PPV match   Mon May 18, 2015 1:52 pm

**"Duality" by Slipknot is being heard around the arena. Roscar9GRE enters the arena riding a custom chopper. He wears a black hoodie that says "Greek Freak" on the back.He gets off the bike and walks to the ring, while explosions light the arena.**

Roscar9GRE: Hello people of TTF! I lost against The Fresk King at our previous show. I have to say I underestimated him.

Devon Wyatt: You underestimated him? He kicked your ass man.

Roscar9GRE: As I heard, warlock and I will be facing The Fresk King  and a partner he will choose, in a tag team No disqualification match in our PPV. I have to say that I'm really happy about that. You know, I am really good at using objects, like hammers, chairs, sticks etc... As long as I am in TTF, I didn't have the opportunity to show you this talent.

Philip Blake: Hammers? Chairs? Ok, that's not good for his opponents.

Devon Wyatt: He is smiling now, but I just see anger in his eyes.

Roscar9GRE: Today, I am facing Tedd. Great wrestler. really experienced, but he is just a warm up for me. I'll do my best tdoay against him, but my mind is set on our PPV match. Finally, I have a message for our opponents in the PPV match...

**The crowd cheers.**

Roscar9GRE: I will show no mercy to ANYONE in that match. I am not willing to end this match, if I don't see blood in your faces.
Me and Warlock, we are the best and at the PPv we will prove everyone who are the TRUE tag team champions of TRUE TALENT FIGHTING.

**Camera fades out.**
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Roscar9GRE talks about the PPV match
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