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 Super tag

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Lord of Demons
SD! Wrestler
SD! Wrestler

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PostSubject: Super tag   Thu May 21, 2015 8:41 pm

Suddenly lights turn red and duality by slipknot is being heard. Warlock and Roscar make their way to the ring they're both wearing black jackets and holding their belts
As they both step into the ring warlock takes a microphone and starts talking

Warlock : sooo ladies and gentleman here we are!! Your super tag team champions!! We've remained undefeated for a long time now and quite frankly it's getting a little boring..

Warlock hangs his right hand on roscar's shoulders now

Warlock : I don't see Why do we need to face all those pathetic wrestlers.. I mean they're not worthy of facing the superstars like us.. And you know what The fresh king is just one of those PATHETIC wrestlers He thinks he is strong.. But he's just too ambitious.. Fresh do you really believe you can compete against me? When I step into the ring it becomes a warzone You know that better than anybody fresh.. You couldn't beat me alone and you want to beat me by using somebody on your side huh? Sorry but no kid.. I'm not gonna let you take my title..

Warlock smiles and lifts his title in the air after a few seconds he continues talking

Warlock : The main thing that matters for me since I signed the contract with Chris is my career I'm gonna do my best to archive my dreams and so is roscar now let's just see What He wants to say

Warlock gives a microphone to roscar

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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Re: Super tag   Sun May 24, 2015 9:57 pm

** Roscar9GRE grabs the microphone.**

Roscar9GRE: I agree with everything warlock has said. The Fresh king is just a pathetic coward. He clearly doesn't want to face Warlock "one vs one" 'cause he knows the ending of that scenario. everybody knows that warlock would crush him. I care about my career and I'm not willing to let the Weak King to steal my belt, while he clearly doesn't deserve it. He is just a wannabe. Me and warlock, we are the true kings. 'Cause, man, we rule TTF. We are the Tag team champions, we have the champion's gold around our waists. We are everything he wants to be and we have everything he wants to have. He is just jealous of us and you have to know we won't let him take our title if he doesn't earn it. We are going to stop him...

**Roscar9GRE looks Warlock, while smiling sneaky.**

Roscar9GRE:...either inside the ring or out of it.

Philip Blake: Out of it? What does he mean? What do they have in mind? I guess we will see later.

Roscar9GRE: I don't know what way we will choose, but we are going to win that match for sure. Personally, I want to face him in the ring. I want to bust his face open with a chair. I want to hit him in the face with a hammer, till he bleeds. I WANT REVENGE, AND TODAY I' LL GET REVENGE. And it's gonna be cruel man, i promise it.

**Warlock and Roscar9 laugh, as they leave the ring.**
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Super tag
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