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 Open call

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World Champ
World Champ

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PostSubject: Open call   Fri May 29, 2015 6:07 pm

**Simple Man by Shinedwon is playing. Whydoicry rides his harley to the ring.  For the first time in a while, Whydoicry actually looks happy and at peace. Whydoicry proceeds to grab a chair and a microphone, and enters the ring**
**Whydoicry opens the chair and sits**
Dan Gildrow; I hate this piece of trash. He doesn't deserve anything that comes his way. Eminem deserved that title.
Whydoicry: At the pay-per-view, I had a hard fought match with Eminem. It was a brutal fight that went back and forth until I pinned Eminem in the middle of the ring.  I am happy to say that I have come out on top. People like Eminem need to be stood up to. I am happy I was the one who could do it.  
Whydoicry: As you guys know, I have not had an easy life. An alcoholic father, a mother that was nonexistent and the undue disgust of many people around me. It's why I got into wrestling. Not only is wrestling a great way to defend onself, it also is intoxifying. The crowd noise, whether it's the love or hate, that you guys give us is amazing. I know this is a cliché but without the fans, none of this would be the same.  So I thank for letting us know how you feel every week and spending your hard earned cash. So when I competed for the True Talent Championship, I knew that I had made it. I have finally achieved success and it can't be taken away. I only wish my dad was around to see this.
Dan: Somebody should come out and end this fucker before he poison the fans even more than he has. I hope Hydra comes out.
**Whydoicry gets up from the chair. His voice gets noticeably stern. **
Whydoicry: I came out here for more than to comment on my victory, I came out here to comment on some actions from my fellow True Talent wrestlers. I was immensely disappointed with the attack on Noah.
Dan: YES!!! Now that Whydoicry called out Hydra, he will be taken out of action. This is the best possible outcome. Their is a GOD!
**Whydoicry gets a mixed reaction**
Whydoicry: Now I understand your feelings. Noah is from a rival federation. You may ask: Why should Whydoicry care if he gets attacked? That is a great question.
Whydoicry: I care because this vicious assault could happen to anyone and I will not tolerate it in the federation that I work for. I understand why a group of people would come togethor. They may want to protect themselves or achieve a goal for the common goal.
Whydoicry: This was not the case at the pay-per-view. These guys issued nothing but malicous, uncalled for beating. Their was no benefit to this beating. Chris Books was handing Noah his ass and didn't need the help. This attack was nothing but a pure unalduaterated stupidty and an embarassment to our federation.  I am espically surpised that our tag team champions would sink so low as to attack an undefended person such as Noah. These guys are a disgrace to True Talent and should be striped of their titles.
Whydoicry: I issue an open challenge to any member of Hydra. Come and fight me. I also want to point out that if Hydra continues to pull these stunts, then they will be in for a hell of a surprise. I will not tolerate this in my Federation!
Dan: YES! YES! YES! This couldn't have been any better. This piece of trash will not be around much longer and will no longer be an embarrassment to our federation. I know Hydra will end him and his title reign.
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GM Chris Brooks
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Best In The World

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PostSubject: Re: Open call   Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:59 pm

** Global champion, Soldier123 walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He has a mic. **

Soldier123: whydoicry, I completely agree with you. What "Hydra" did was uncalled for. I mean.. I never liked Noah. He was a jerk. But the biggest main event in our short history has been tainted. But besides that, congrats on your big win, champ.  

** Soldier123 has a round of applause for the champ. **

Soldier123: I stand with you tonight because I wanna let everyone know that as VGM of this fed I will not let those punks take over the fed.

** Crowd cheers. **

Soldier123: Now since the cowards refuse to answer your challenge, I use the VGM power I have to book you against Warlock tonight!

** Crowd explodes (figuratively). **

Soldier123: And to make sure there is no BS, I will be at ringside watching.. good luck. 

** He leaves the ring and the camera cuts to commercials. ** 
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Not so Silent Bob
SD! Wrestler
SD! Wrestler

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PostSubject: Re: Open call   Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:58 pm

some spaces won't hurt jackass
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PostSubject: Re: Open call   

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Open call
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