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Is NSSB bouncer
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PostSubject: Plain Speak   Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:49 pm

**Whydoicry slowly gets off his bike. He clearly looks battered and beaten. There are marks on his face and body from the chair shots and beating he took last week. He slowly limps towards the locker room when Robbie comes by**

Robbie: Whydoicry!! You look horrible. I can't believe our VGM would have done those terrible things to you. How do you feel?

Whydoicry: If it's possible to imagine, I feel worse than I look. And I look terrible. In all honesty I should have seen this coming.

Robbie: What's makes you say that?

Whydoicry: I have always had managed to throw my lot in with the wrong people. It's why I trusted Soldier 123. He seemed way too eager to help me and that should have been my sign that he was not worth my time.  

Robbie: Tonight you have a match with Not So Silent Bob vs WarlockoffPain & Roscar9gre. Do you think you can compete?

Whydociry: I will do my best. I do not see eye to eye with Not So Silent Bob. I think he is a blowhard and I trust him as far as I can throw him. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

Robbie: What will you do to Soldier 123?

Whydoicry: That mother fucker better watch his back. I will shove my foot down his neck when he is not looking.

Whydoicry: I want to say one last thing before I get changed. I am highly saddened by my fellow titleholders. Its horse crapt that they viciously attack people. They spent all this time talking about protecting each other and furthering their careers when in realty that is false. The tag team champs won their titles with before Hydra was formed thru hard work. If they want to reach the pinnacle of the federation, they need to poor more blood, sweat and tears into their work. Otherwise, they will get nowhere.
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