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 Got some explaining to do

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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Got some explaining to do   Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:37 pm

**Coulrophobia calls for a mic, but is barely audible under the noise of all the evidently displeased fans booing him. Coulrophobia walks to the ropes and takes the mic handed to him by the still intimidated ring announcer. He looks around at the crowd, whose boos don't seem to be dying anytime soon. Having expected this reaction, he soaks in their reaction for a few moments before standing beside Portable Air Bag. Portable Air Bag lifts Coulrophobia's arm up in victory and, as if it was a lever controlling the crowd volume, the boos become deafeningly loud. A smile appears over both of their faces.**

Coulrophobia: Alright, alright, alright, calm yourselves!

**The boos quieten down ever so slightly, but Coulrophobia is still barely audible.**


**The boos quieten down to a more reasonable level, although certain sections are relentless in their booing and abuse. The booing no longer being so loud allows certain cries such as "*censored* you Coulrophobia!" and "THUN-DER-BOLT! THUN-DER-BOLT!" to be heard. Coulrophobia waits till the crowd have satisfactorily calmed themselves.**

Coulrophobia: That's better. Now, you guys may not know me for long, but you should know already that with me, there's time for play and there's time for business - and I don't mess around when it comes to my business.

**A few jeers can still be heard, but the larger section of crowd seem to be listening attentively.**

Coulrophobia: To get to the point.. I'm sure you're wondering who the fine young man beside me is and why he's here.

**He indicates Portable Air Bag. Boos begin to erupt from the audience again, but Coulrophobia ignores them this time.**

Coulrophobia: Ladies and gentleman, this man right here is my newly found recruit. He's gonna stick by me and make sure stuff doesn't get out of hand. You can call him my bodyguard, security man, even my personal assistant for all I care, but the main thing is that you guys should get used to seeing him around.

Now don't ask me why, but he likes to call himself Portable Air Bag. I personally think it's cos he's liable to blow up in your face wherever the hell he is - as you guys just saw - but I guess that's just another one of life's mysteries, eh?

**He does a quick visual scan of the crowd. Members of the crowd seem to be either intrigued or continuing to jeer. Some are scoffing at the idea of a wrestler being called Portable Air Bag. Portable Air Bag, meanwhile, has a bodyguard-like presence on stage and is unmoved by the commotion.**

Coulrophobia: Whether you're amazed or amused doesn't matter to me. Clearly it doesn't matter to my boy Air Bag either, although he's a quiet guy so I guess we can never know for sure. All that matters is that this partnership has aspirations. You've seen what we can do individually. You haven't seen what we can do together, but be assured it's not pretty. We have plans for TTF, and we fully intend on going through with them. I think I've said enough for now but what I will tell you - watch this space.

**He drops the mic onto the canvas. Portable Air Bag picks it up after him and tosses it towards the ring announcer, who narrowly avoids a full-on headshot. Coulrophobia exits the ring and makes his way backstage with Portable Air Bag a few steps behind, as the crowd either chatter to each other curiously or continue to abuse them.**
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Got some explaining to do
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