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 Raverage RP Show n°7

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PostSubject: Raverage RP Show n°7   Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:11 am

*Raverage prepares himself for his match*

*Gildow arrives with a mic*

Daniel Gildow : I'm here with the "noble guy" who though he will won a championship just like that and...

Raverage : Shut up ! I've just been screwed just like the other time.
Let me tell you something...

*Raverage looks arounds him*

Raverage : I think there's a conspiracy in this arena.

Daniel Gildow : There's no conspiracy.
Last week, you've lost your match all by yourself.
That's it. No question about it.

Raverage : I understand whay you are saying that.
You can't see it for the moment.
But don't worry, you will know who these superstars truly are.

*Raverage is about to leave but suddenly stops*

Raverage : And tell to the weak kung-fu boy that I will coming soon for his belt.

*Raverage leaves. Camera fades*
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Raverage RP Show n°7
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