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 Hydra Knows How To Party?

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GM Chris Brooks
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Hydra Knows How To Party?   Empty
PostSubject: Hydra Knows How To Party?    Hydra Knows How To Party?   I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 12:15 pm

Philip Blake: What we are about to see now is a rare look to Hydra's outside the ring life. Enjoy the footage taken from earlier this evening.

** Camera fades to footage of Hydra seemingly sitting in a fancy restaurant. Chris Brooks is seen pasta. Wicked Blitz is seen talking to a waitress. WarlockOPain is eating a big steak. Roscar9GRE is on his phone. Soldier123 is looking annoyed. **

Wicked Blitz: Hi, I'd have a Coke please.

All of Hydra: BOO.

Wicked Blitz: What?

Chris Brooks: Pepsi is a champions drink.

Wicked Blitz: FINE. I want a Pepsi.  

** Waitress goes to bring him his Pepsi. **

WarlockOPain: Wait. I want a Gatorade.

Chris Brooks: Gatorade? Are you serious?

WarlockOPain: What is wrong with a damn Gatorade?  

Chris Brooks: We can't hang out and drink Gatorade. People will think we're Dark Lords ripoffs and then Bouncer will sue us. 



** Restaurant goes silent and everyone stares at Hydra. **

Chris Brooks: He..he.. whatever. Get a Gatorade.

** Warlock gets his Gatorade and Wicked gets his Pepsi. **

Soldier123: We should be training for our matches. Not eating great food.

Chris Brooks: Come on. Wicked is facing Fresh King. Warlock and Roscar are facing the inactive duo. I am facing a kid zombie. And you-

Soldier123: I am facing the world champion of this fed. He is no joke. He keeps beating our members and now he has allies. People are standing up to us.

Chris Brooks: We'll knock em down and keep having fun while doing it.

WarlockOPain: Soldier is a resistance. He was built for this.

Soldier123: If these noodles weren't so delicious, I would have left an hour ago.

** Hydra shares a laugh but Soldier123 remains stone faced. **

Soldier123: Not joking.

** Suddenly a group of five men walk up to Hydra. **

Man: So.. you're Hydra?

Chris Brooks: In the flesh.

Man 2: We see you on television. Pushing around the champ and the roster.

Man 3: We won't stand for that.

** Man 3 cracks his joints. **

Chris Brooks: Can't we enjoy a meal in peace?

Man 4: Prepare to die, folks.

** Chris looks to Warlock and nods to him. **

WarlockOPain punches Man 3 5 times then lifts him with his neck
and after 10 seconds slams him on the mat executing LEGENDARY Demon Slam !!

Roscar9GRE Punches 7 times Man 4, grabs him
and performs an Exploder suplex executing Incredible 7 Deadly Sins !!

Wicked Blitz jumps on the table
to hit Man 2 with a West Coast Pop!!

Soldier123 climbs to the top of the table and jumps knee first into Man 5's head executing executing Fantastic Lock And Load !!

Chris Brooks grabs a fork and stabs Man 1 in the hand with it executing a Fork Stab !!

** All the restaurant visitors flee the scene in horror, emptying the place in the process. **

WarlockOPain: Well.. that was sweeet.

Soldier123: Let's bail before the cops show.

** Hydra takes the cash from the beaten men. **

Hydra: Hail Hydra!

** Camera fades to black as Hydra flees  the scene. **
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Hydra Knows How To Party?
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