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 Warlocks of Greece before their match

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Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Warlocks of Greece before their match   Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:42 pm

OOC: Before their match

**The arena is dark. Suddenly a guitar starts playing a familiar riff. Fireworks light the arena. WarlockOPain and Roscar9GRE enter the arena wearing Hydra T-shirts.The crowd boos them.

Philip Blake: Our Tag Team Champions enter the arena. They face The archangel Jacob Jones and the Judge David Griffin for the tag team championship tonight. Warlocks of Greece will destroy these two idiots with their unnecessarily long names.

Devon Wyatt: I think that we'll have new tag team champions tonight. Hydra will finally stop terrorising TTF.

Philip Blake: Shut up idiot!

**Warlocks of Greece enter the ring. The crowd still boos them.**

Roscar9GRE: Whydoicry along with Kenta Beifong, The archangel Jacob Jones and the Judge David Griffin tried to dissolve Hydra. But Hydra is bigger than all of them and tonight we will destroy them.

**Roscar9GRE hands the microphone to WarlockOPain.**

WarlockOPain: I agree with you Roscar9, but I think that's enough talking, let's fight.

**The theme song of The archangel Jacob Jones and the Judge David Griffin is heard around the arena and they enter the ring.**
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Warlocks of Greece before their match
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