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GM Chris Brooks
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Best In The World
GM Chris Brooks

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PostSubject: Re-branding    Re-branding   I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 2:51 pm

**  GM Johnny Wolf is seen sitting in his office. He has a big smirk. **

Devon Wyatt: Look at that smile. How glad is he that Soldier123 isn't the world champion of this fed?

Philip Blake: Has Soldier's groin been fixed by now?

** Someone knocks on the door. **

GM Johnny Wolf: Come in.

** KANS enters the office and sits down. **

KANS: Hello GM, how are you?

GM Johnny Wolf: I'm fine, you?

KANS: So how about that title match against whydoicry?

GM Johnny Wolf: No.

KANS: Why?!

GM Johnny Wolf: Did you ever win a match here?

KANS: I think I have a DQ win..

GM Johnny Wolf: Come on, man.. look.. you gotta re-brand.

KANS: Huh?

GM Johnny Wolf: Stop being a SANK rip-off.

KANS: Excuse me?

GM Johnny Wolf: We know the truth.

** KANS pretends he has no idea what he means. **

GM Johnny Wolf: Look, stop being a generic masked man. Get a good gimmick. I am a real American so I believe in opportunities an-

KANS: Wait.. what did you say..?

GM Johnny Wolf: I am a real American so I-

** KANS bangs on the office desk. **

KANS: I got it! It's perfect.. thanks, BROTHER!

** He runs out of the office. **

GM Johnny Wolf: Awesome.

** Camera fades. **
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