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 interviewing a debutant

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Wicked Blitz
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Wicked Blitz

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PostSubject: interviewing a debutant   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:19 pm

April lee: I’m here with Wicked Blitz, who will have his first match as a professional wrestler tonight, are you excited for you match tonight?

Wicked Blitz: I’m facing an expericend opponent and I’m a debutant, who wouldn’t be exited?

April lee: I don’t know, a dead man perhaps

**Wicked blitz chuckles for a short time and says**  
Wicked Blitz: You got a point there April, but the wrestler, that I’m facing tonight, is one of my childhood favorites, his performances inside the ring was outstanding, and his performances outside the ring, blew me a way.

** Wicked Blitz sends a strenuous smile to the camera, as a tribute to his childhood hero**

Wicked Blitz: With that in mind, I’ll do my best to show, the world, that Soldier123 is getting old. Luckily for soldier, I respect our elder citizens, I respect those who have witnessed history and I respect those who made history even more. It’s a fact that Soldier123 made history at TTW. But Soldier this isn’t TTW this is TTF.

** Wicked Blitz lifts his right hand up in the air, and looks like the statue of liberty**

Wicked Blitz: TTW was a promo, I enjoyed watching, it was a promo for the talents of the past and it’s a fact that Soldier was one of the greatest tallents in wrestling, but I’m sorry to say it to you soldier, you’re not a talent anymore, you’re a living legend and most of all you’re a veteran.

** Wicked Blitz hold his breath, and points at the logo of TTF**

Wicked Blitz: TTF is a promo for the talents of the future, and Soldier as I said you’re a veteran, tonight you’re facing a debutant, as a debutant I can’t take it on the routine, like you, the fans are on your side, but i have something, you don’t have, I have expectations for you.

** Wicked Blitz looks directly into the camera and says**

Wicked Blitz: First of all I expect you to keep your head cool, which you had done multiple times at TTW, In addition to that, I expect you to fight till the bitter end, just like you did with your tagpartner Electrifyy, and furthermore I expect you to make a show beyond this world, and what can you expect from me? Well I can only say, you’ll find out in the ring.
April lee: I got expectations for you Blitz, cause I’ve had seen your junior results, and I must say they are impressive

**Wicked Blitz looks at April with a futile look**
Wicked blitz: April, I’m a professional now, my junior result doesn’t count anymore, the only results that counts is the coming results of my career,  and that's why, I’ll head to my locker-room now, and do my preparation for tonigths match, till then I salute you.

**Wicked Blitz salutes april, turns around and walks away with an dismayed countenance on his face**
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interviewing a debutant
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