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 WarlockOPain has arrived

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SD! Wrestler
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WarlockOPain has arrived Empty
PostSubject: WarlockOPain has arrived   WarlockOPain has arrived I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2015 7:24 pm

Ring announcer: And now!! The Fresh King's opponent weighing 241 pounds, the bleeding machine Waarlooock O Paaaiiiiiin!

people can hear some heavy metal guitar riffs played by a famous guitar player. a lightning strikes to the tron and a big explosion appears, WarlockOPain makes his way to the ring wearing a red mantle across his shoulders and holding a microphone in his hands. technicians create a terrific choreography with red lights as he steps into the ring.

Philip Blake : so this is the warlock, show that idiot how it's done warlock!!

Devon Wyatt : making conclusions is too early yet I guess, who knows what will happen.

WarlockOPain is already standing on ring and he's done greeting people. he starts

WarlockOPain : ladies and gentlemen, it's me, the bleeding machine. i know i'm new and you don't know about my skills yet, you dont even have an idea what i can be like, there are endless ways i can use to beat my opponent and believe me, this match proves everyone that i can become a legend and that my future here, as a wrestler is too bright. i know i'm ambitiouis, i want to win, always, because i don't like losing. The Fresh King doesn't even know yet who he's facing, and if he knew, i bet he wouldn't really accept a match against me.

warlockopain turnes around to face his opponent with pointing his index finger at him.

WarlockOPain : you, my friend, should be scared right now. well, im not trying to scare anyone with this or make people love me, im just trying to warn you because i'm willing to do anything to win my first ever match here, against you!!! that'll be my final word here tonight. get ready to lose, as for the rest of you here, just wait patiently and let's celebrate my victory here tonight together!

WarlockOPain yelled, as he dropped the microphone on the ground and there they go, the bell rang.

philip Blake : woohoo im really curious of what he's capable of.

Devon Wyatt : let's see, judging by his words, he is really ambitious. AND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HERE WE GO! GET READY FOR THE MATCH
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WarlockOPain has arrived
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