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 Supernatural and The tears

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PostSubject: Supernatural and The tears   Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:10 pm

**Whydoicry is seen waiting by Supernatural's door. He has a six pack of beer and the poker chips. Supernatural sneaks up on Whydoicry and scares him. Whydoicry drops the beer and poker chips. **

Supernatural: Damn their goes the beer for the night.

Whydoicry: That's what you get for scaring me, you frazier loving dolt.

**Supernatural unlocks the door and lets Whydoicry in. Whydoicry sets the poker chips down and pulls up a chair. **

Whydoicry: Marcus screwed you out of that match. He made you look like a chump.

Supernatural: It's part of my plan. I need to know his tendencies and strengths as well as his weakness. Clearly me calling him out is getting underneath his skin.

**Whydoicry shuffle's the cards and starts dealing. **

Whydoicry: It's black jack. Good luck with that, he is no slouch.

Supernatural: You should talk you picked a fight with Hydra with a bunch of no shows and no talent ass clowns.

Whydoicry: Well it is what it is.

**The camera fades away.**
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Supernatural and The tears
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