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 Rump's First Match

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Developmental talent

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Rump's First Match Empty
PostSubject: Rump's First Match   Rump's First Match I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2015 5:15 pm

Captain Rump exits from his locker room and is caught of guard as Seamus and a cameraman are waiting for him outside. They quickly approach rump, before he heads toward the ring.
Seamus: "Captain Rump, right? That's your ring name correct? Do you mind if we have a quick word with you?"
Captain Rump nods in approval.
Seamus: "I'd like to welcome you into this federation, i'm sure you're going to do great here.  So tell me about yourself a bit, why did you join this federation? Why are you dressed as a superhero?  And how do you feel about your first match tonight?"
Captain Rump thinks over the question for a few moments, while Seamus signals the camera to move over closer to Rump. Seamus raises the microphone near Rump's mouth.
Captain Rump: "Well, first off thanks for the warm welcome, i'm glad to be here. I'm honored Johnny Wolf asked me to join his federation, I guess he saw something he liked. As for myself I don't know exactly what you would want to know. I joined this federation because I know the hidden potential found within this federation, not to mention Johnny Wolf is an amazing GM. Everyone loves superheroes, and superheros are someone who people can look up to. I'm here to make a difference and hopefully inspire some fans."
Captain Rump takes a few moments to gather his thoughts before continuing on with the interview.
Captain Rump: "As for tonights match i'm excited about this opportunity, i'll have the chance to show the fans what i've got. Well let's just say a nickname of mine was the Rump of Justice."
Captain Rump gives a quick smile, and Seamus laughs at his remark.
Seamus: "Awesome, well thank you so much for the quick word. Good luck at tonight match, it's nice to see some new faces here in this federation. With an attitude like that, i'm sure you'll get far in the federation and I look forward to seeing where you end up."
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Rump's First Match
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