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PostSubject: It's on   It's on I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2016 10:32 am

** Electrifyy is backstage. He sees the cameraman filming him and signals him to zoom in on his face. **

Electrifyy: Hi folks. I just wanted to get a quick message about Rump.

Devon Wyatt: For those who are unaware, Rump has agreed to face Elec in a rematch from NGNG 3. It will be a fantastic match for sure.

Electrifyy: I am glad you decided to agree to the rematch. I know last time we faced off. um..

** Electrifyy pauses for a moment. **

Electrifyy: Well, things didn't end so well between us. It was gonna be a friendly competition and didn't end like that.. I want you to know that this upcoming rematch is professional. I am not doing this out of spite or vengeance. I just want this federation to have a classic match between two great wrestlers.

** Electrifyy grins. **

Electrifyy: So at this PPV, let's give them a great match, alright, partner?

** Electrifyy winks at the camera and it cuts to the ring. **

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