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 Raverage RP 1/2/2016

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PostSubject: Raverage RP 1/2/2016   Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:04 pm

Wyatt : Raverage making his way to the ring in the first ever unufication match of the fed history.

Blake : Shut up ! Wyatt ! The champ wanna talk to the crowd !

Raverage : Hey, people ! Is has benn a while since I open my mouth don't you think !

*Raverage heading to the ring. Crowd boos him*

Raverage : Now, I wanna thank our wonderful GM to make this possible,
I am pleased to be...

*Crowd boo louder*

Raverage : Fermez-là ! (Shut up !)

Wyatt : Come on, this is disrepectful for the fans here !

Blake : Shh ! The champ is talking.

*Crowd screams USA! USA !*

Raverage : I am plased to be you first ever undisputed champion ever.
And this will prove that Raverage's era has just begun.

*Raverages smiles and prepares himself for his match*
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Raverage RP 1/2/2016
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