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PostSubject: Californicating    Californicating  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 12:30 pm

** As the camera fades in after the previous match, we see April Lee standing in the backstage area. She seems to be all smiles and is playing with her hair. **

April Lee: I am standing here with a very special guest. Ladies and gentleman, Hank Moody!

** Camera zooms out to show the infamous Hank Moody. Our crowd cheers as they see his pretty mug. **

Hank Moody: Nice to see you too.. how come I don’t know your name?

April Lee: You haven’t asked.

Hank Moody: Well, let’s not stand on ceremony.

** Hank hand motions for her to say her name. **

April Lee: April.

Hank Moody: After all the intrigue, that's kind of a let down. I jest. I like that name, April.  

April Lee: What brings you here to our Californication PPV?

Hank Moody: Well, since this is a big wrestling show named after my book and using my image, I had to come see what it's all about. Not too shabby I must say.. you know, I once wrestled in college?

April Lee: Really?

Hank Moody: I used to hold a wrestling tournaments with the sorority girls.. those gals put up a fight and so did I. Unfortunately they always got on top of me and got the win.

April Lee: I'm sure those were hard losses to take.  

Hank Moody: Oh yeah. I am half-chubbed right now just thinking about it.. shame boner..

** April Lee laughs and gives Hank a look that screams "pin me up against the wall and fill me up". Hank looks deep into her eyes. **

Hank Moody: April, my house isn't too far from here. How would you like for us to go there and get our wrestling on?

April Lee: Let's not waste time. I really want to "wrestle" with you..

Hank Moody: After you.

** Hank smiles and leads April off camera and both head out of the arena. **

Hank Moody in a high pitched voice: Naaaailed it.

Philip Blake: Damn, that's some good gaming. He's good.  

Devon Wyatt: Gotta love Hank Moody!

** Camera fades out. **

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