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 The Judge David Griffin's Opening

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The Judge David Griffin
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: The Judge David Griffin's Opening   Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:27 am

*With the crowd anxiously awaiting the next arrival, an instrumental version of the song "Read Me My Rights" by Brantley Gilbert plays throughout the arena*

Devon Wyatt: Yes, a new arrival! I wonder who it is!

Philip Blake: It’s probably just some other no-name wrestler trying to prove he’s worth something. I’ve seen plenty of these types before…

*The Judge David Griffin makes his way out to the stage area wearing a button up shirt and tie with slacks.*

*He slowly makes his way to the ring, making the crowd wait to hear his voice.*

The Judge David Griffin: My name is David Griffin, but you all *points to crowd* can call me The Judge.

*The crowd begins murmuring.*

The Judge: I have been watching and waiting for my time to exact justice. Corruption is among us, it is all around, and many of us just do not see it. I see it, and I am here to get rid of it.

*There are a few cheers in the crowd*

The Judge: I am not here for the fame and glory, for that is just the icing on the cake. I AM THE JUDGE, I AM THE JURY, AND I AM THE EXECUTIONER!!! And I am willing to take on anyone who believes that my reasons are unworthy.

*Cheering intensifies*

The Judge: I may not be able to fight tonight, but I am willing to accept any challenge for next week! Come on out!

Philip Blake: I am beginning to like this guy, he may be a young gun with no experience, but he knows that everything is corrupt and everyone lies!

Devon Wyatt: I may not agree with that, there are some good people in this business. I like the pure emotion he shows out there, he could have a bright future! I wonder who will answer his challenge!

*The crowd is cheering while also waiting for another wrestler to answer The Judge’s call.*
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The Judge David Griffin's Opening
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