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 Reducere diligimus hedum de morte III

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Connor Michalek
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Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Reducere diligimus hedum de morte III   Reducere diligimus hedum de morte III I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2015 1:57 pm

**The Night**

**The scene is set at a suburban neighbourhood. The Camera is focussed on a house. There is a gathering inside this bright house.**

**At the front door of the house stands Momma Rita and the old man stands. With them a little boy. Torn cloths. Rotting blood on his body.**

**Ding Dong.**

**Ding Dong.**

**The doorbell rings. Few seconds of no answer.**

Momma Rita: May be they are not in?

**Someone answers the door. A woman. Grieving. Dressed in black. Tears engulfing her eyes.**

Woman: What do you want?

**She looks down**

Woman: What is this? What is this creature? Why does he look like my baby?

**She is shocked. She is scared. The little boy however is joyous. He runs towards the woman trying to hug her**

Boy: Mamma… mamma…

**She push the boy away with disgust. She look angry. The boy is terrified at here reaction.**

Woman: What is this? This isn’t a joke. How dare you make fun of my tragedy? Why did you dress this boy like this to look like my Connor.

**Rita tries to reason with the woman.**

Momma Rita: Ma’am this is your son. We brought him back.

**The woman points at the child, who at this moment is holding onto Rita.**

Woman: That thing is not my son. That thing is not Connor Michalek. Take your joke elsewhere. I am trying to grieve.

**She shuts the door angrily.**

**The boy is crying as Rita confronts him. The old man looks on with disgust. He is shaking his head.**

Momma Rita: Don’t cry Connor, your mother is just scared. She’ll come around.

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Reducere diligimus hedum de morte III
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