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 Raverage RP Show n°2 2/2

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PostSubject: Raverage RP Show n°2 2/2   Sun May 03, 2015 1:26 am

After his match, The Judge David Griffin heads towards the buffet.

Next to the buffet, we can Raverage talking with April Lee.

Phillip Blake : What an idiot that one. Still seducting, like everytime.

*Raverage, talking to April Lee*

Raverage : And I told him to get out of my locker.

*April laughs*

April Lee : He doesn't have the experience that I have now...

While they speak, The Judge David Griffin just returned from his match.

The Judge David Griffin : Phew ! What a match that was !

*The Judge David Griffin take a water bottle*

The cameraman returns to Raverage and April Lee conversation.

Raverage : How impolite I am. Would you like some water ?

April Lee : Sure.

*Raverage look if there any water bottle left. He's now talking to a waiter*

Raverage : Excuse me, young man. Is there any water bottle left ?

Waiter : No, that man took the last one.

*The waiter is now points to The Judge David Griffin*

Raverage : Thank you.

*Raverage, determined, go ask to The Judge if he could give him his bottle*

Raverage : Excuse me ? Could you give me your bottle for Mademoiselle (Miss) Lee ?

*The Judge David Griffin ignore him*

Raverage : Allright.

Raverage hits The Judge David Griffin with a forearm and stomp him while he was laying on the ground.

After that attack, Raverage took The Judge's bottle and says.

Raverage : Thanks you, mister.

*He gives the bottle to April and leaves the area*

Devon Wyatt : What the hell is wrong with him ?

*Camera cuts to Commercial Break*
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Raverage RP Show n°2 2/2
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