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 A Long Awaited Something

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Kenta Beifong
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: A Long Awaited Something   A Long Awaited Something I_icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2015 2:44 pm

* The camera zooms out as our Interviewer is seen backstage with an unidentified man wearing simple Japanese wrestling trunks and a long overcoat with white lining on it. *

April Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, standing next to me is *fed name*'s latest signing. Please tell us who you are.

???: Well I wanted to do a little rap about my name but never mind, my name is Kenta Beifong.

* Some of the crowd recognizes this name and cheers loudly the others don't know his name and wait to hear more. *

April Lee: Not a bad reaction for someone who is a rookie here.

Kenta Beifong: I may be a "rookie" here in this federation, but make no mistake about it, I am a seasoned veteran, lady.

April Lee: Sorry. I was not aware.

Kenta Beifong: That's fine, it warms my heart to hear such a reaction from some of the crowd here that recognizes me.

April Lee: So K, what brings you here?

Kenta Beifong: After competing around the world against lucahdores and legends like Muta or Misawa and wrestling bears like Terrible Ted, I got tired of the same routine and I decided to make a change. I needed to find a new home and try something new, then one night as I was eating my beloved beef jerky, I got the call offering me a contract.

April Lee: And the rest is history? 

Kenta Beifong: Yes.

April Lee: It was great meeting you and I wish you good luck in your career here here!

* April extends his hand toward Kouhi. *

Kenta Beifong: You really don't want to do that.

April Lee: Why not?

Kenta Beifong: My hand. It's sticky.

* April Lee stays silent. *

Kenta Beifong: From the jerky..BEEF jerky...

* April Lee is still quiet. *

Kenta Beifong: I will just use my clean hand then.

* Kenta shakes April's hand and then walks away. *

April Lee: Didn't he wrestle a bear?

* The camera cuts out. *
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A Long Awaited Something
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