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 The Judge's Reaction to Last Week

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The Judge David Griffin
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Developmental talent

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The Judge's Reaction to Last Week Empty
PostSubject: The Judge's Reaction to Last Week   The Judge's Reaction to Last Week I_icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2015 11:39 pm

*The titantron shows Seamus O’Doherty backstage with The Judge David Griffin.*

Seamus O’Doherty: What are your thoughts on last week’s match against longtime friend The Archangel Jacob Jones?

The Judge David Griffin: Oh, man, it was exciting! It was a great debut and I ended up walking away with the win. He almost had me there at the end too, he had me set up for his dreaded Northern Lights Piledriver, but I was able to evade it and make him tap out.

Philip Blake: It almost seemed like it was easy for him to do win that match…

Devon Wyatt: Who are you kidding? It was an entertaining match anyways, just like all the matches last week!

O’Doherty: You were recovering backstage drinking some water after the match when you were brutally attacked by Raverage last week.

*The titantron shifts to showing the punches, forearms, and kicks that Raverage landed too retrieve a water bottle.*

O’Doherty: What do you have to say about that attack?

David Griffin: I was taken by surprise, I noticed him flirting with April Lee out of the corner of my eye, and I honestly didn’t think he was capable of such viciousness in front of a lady.

David Griffin:  But Raverage, I do have a message for you. I can see your true intentions, you put on this *pause* façade of niceness and humility to hide your rage that you have inside. All you want is to make others suffer for your personal benefit. You didn’t want that bottle for her sake, no, you wanted that bottle to give to her because you figured you might get lucky for once, seeing as how your only victory was beating on a zombie child last week!

*There are laughs throughout the crowd. The Judge then grabs the mic from O’Doherty and stares into the camera.*

David Griffin: Anyways, all jokes aside, I am willing and able to put a beating on you to teach you a lesson. If you want to just keep taking what you want, someone needs to step in and stop you before it gets out of hand, and that someone is me.

*The Judge slams the mic back into O’Doherty’s chest and walks away.*

Devon Wyatt: It seems like The Judge wasn’t particularly happy about Raverage’s actions last week, Blake.

Philip Blake: Obviously! If someone beat the crap out of me for no reason I’d be mad too!

*The screen fades to black as the next (match/promo) was being prepared to air.*
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The Judge's Reaction to Last Week
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