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 Coulrophobia's Bio

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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Coulrophobia's Bio   Coulrophobia's Bio I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2015 4:10 pm

Wrestler Name: Coulrophobia

Wrestler Level: 10

Age (character): 28

Build: Technique

Fans: 94

Height: 6ft 4"

Weight: 250lbs - a medium build, not quite stocky but not lean either.

Face/Heel/Tweener: Tweener that can alternate between the two depending on if the person pushes him to one side or the other. Face side is playful, heel side not so much. Twisted Evil

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Nickname: Not everybody has to have a character nickname, but for those who do, tell us here!

Backstory: (sorry in advance for the cliche, bad jokes and TWG puns Very Happy)

Coulrophobia, meaning the fear of clowns, got his name for a reason. As a young teenager, he was pretty fit. He was stronger, taller, faster and more co-ordinated than a large majority of people. He began to take a profound interest in wrestling at the age of 13. For the next few years, he competed in a few local and regional tournaments where his sheer strength and dedication, aided by his domineering physique, helped him beat his opponents with ease. He was always a cheerful, happy guy - at times using this to his advantage to taunt his opponent in the ring - and one day in the final of the Irish national championships he met his match.

His match was a 16-year-old with a physique that would put some pro wrestlers to shame. The weirdest thing? The boy had an OCD-like obsession with clowns, going as far as to wrestle in clown costumes, painting his face prior to every match and naming himself The Clown. Coul, never afraid to back down from a challenge, prepared for this fight as if it would be like any other. It wasn't. He was left whimpering in a bloody pulp on the mat, scared to even look at The Clown - gaining him the nickname Coulrophobia. A hospital trip and diagnosis of six broken bones later, Coul contemplated trying a different sport. "Can I even make it out of Ireland if that's what I'm gonna face?" he thought. He then remembered all his victories throughout his time in wrestling. After a few weeks of internal conflict, he decided against quitting. He let himself fully recover, regained his fitness and got back into better shape than ever. He was so determined to succeed that he even took on the name that he was given to mock him to show them that success truly is the best form of revenge. He entered the nationals again and this time around won, gaining immediate qualification to the European championship. And, as if God played a cruel joke on him, his opponent in the first round was - no prizes for guessing - The Clown.

In this match up, it was more equal. The Clown had a similar physique to before, but Coul now had superior technical ability. The Clown decided he would resort to cheap "You're gonna lose, just like last time" tactics. Bad idea. A flashback of the pain and suffering Coul had endured went through his head, and he snapped! Coul took The Clown off guard, and knocked him down. Despite never really using submissions before, he got The Clown in an ankle lock that was (to say the least) 'DESTRUCTIVE'. Nobody left that arena without the sound of The Clown's ankle snapping replaying in their head. Especially a certain wrestling federation GM Johnny Wolf. He went down to meet Coul after his match and was astounded to see that Coul was back to his happy, exuberant self again. Intrigued, Johnny knew that he might be looking at the next biggest star, and didn't have to think twice about offering him a contract.
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Coulrophobia's Bio
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