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 And it all went downhill..

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Developmental talent

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And it all went downhill.. Empty
PostSubject: And it all went downhill..   And it all went downhill.. I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 4:13 pm

**The camera pans and focuses on Coulrophobia. He is evidently still pleased with himself for his prank on Daniel Gidlow and for his win over Connor Michalek, and consequently is in a playful mood. In his hand is a full canister of whipped cream, already shaken vigorously. The camera follows him as he walks around looking for a good spot to prank his next victim.**

Coulrophobia: Where to go, where to go..

**It is clear that he still hasn't figured out the ins and outs of the building. He sticks his head around a corner, sees a corridor and quickly scans it for any potential spots.**

Coulrophobia: Nope..

**He continues walking. He follows the bend of the walkway and notices a towering pair of iron-cast double doors a few metres away from him. He excitedly runs up to the door and peers inside the glass panel - only to find that it's merely the storage room.**

Coulrophobia: Nah not there, too obvious..

**Determined to continue his pranking streak, Coulrophobia continues searching for a spot. Needless to say, the cleaners at True Talent Fighting had true talent themselves - the whole area seemed to be spotless and consequently open for everyone to see.**

Coulrophobia: These guys are far too tidy for my liking, where's all the fun to be had around here?

**He turns a corner and, to his joy, sees a large pile of boxes. He walks up closer to the pile of boxes and notices a gap between a wall and the boxes. He inspects the spot further and notices he would be practically invisible to someone not paying attention.**

Coulrophobia: Oh this could be good!  

**He waits for a few moments until footsteps can be heard approaching. Like a man on a mission, he gets into position. The footsteps are getting closer and closer.**

Voice:(to himself) Why is the cameraman here..?

**Coulrophobia decides to answer the voice's question by jumping out. Unfortunately for him, jumping out of a confined space doesn't always work out well - the pile of boxes come crashing down upon Coulrophobia, the cameraman and the unknown person. The camera crashes to the ground, and screams of pain and swearing can be heard.**

Voice:(in a furious manner) WHO THE *censored* IS PLAYING WITH *censored* BOXES?! I SWEAR TO *censored* GOD I WILL *censored* YOU UP, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF *censored*!! I SIGNED TO THIS FEDERATION TO WRESTLE NOT PLAY WITH *censored* KIDS!!

**The cameraman points the camera towards the voice - who we can now see belongs to Kenta Beifong. Coulrophobia, who is still not visible due to being covered in boxes, begins erupting in laughter. Kenta starts kicking at the  boxes in an attempt to find the laughter. Coulrophobia jumps up, hiding the canister of whipped cream behind his back.**

Coulrophobia: Wow, take a chill pill! I was looking for something and I slipped on my way out.. Hope you're OK?

**Kenta has an incredulous look on his face for a moment, which quickly turns into utter rage.**


**Coulrophobia clearly takes insult to being called an idiot for what he sees as a joke. The playful look is instantly wiped from his face and turns into a frown, still with one hand behind his back.**

Coulrophobia:(condescendingly) Watch your tone jobber, I said I slipped.. No need to flip over it, build a bridge and get over yourself! Now quit your whining and move on before I make you!

**Kenta at this stage is the embodiment of pure rage. He goes to swing a punch at Coulrophobia, who blocks the punch and hits Kenta square in the nose with the canister of whipped cream. Kenta drops to the ground in pain holding his nose. Coulrophobia's smile returns to his face - but this time not playful.**

Coulrophobia: I warned you..

**Coulrophobia delivers a barrage of kicks to Kenta, ending it in a savage fashion with a kick to the face, making sure to again hit him square in the nose. He glances at the still unused canister of whipped cream.**

Coulrophobia: Oh dear, what a shame it would be if I didn't put this to use..!

**Launching another kick at Kenta to make sure he won't retaliate, Coulrophobia shakes the whipped cream and starts spraying it on him from top to bottom. When Coulrophobia is done, he kicks Kenta once more and dips his finger into the whipped cream covering him. He tastes the cream.**

Coulrophobia: Mm, not bad.. I'll get more of this next time!
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And it all went downhill..
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