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 the home stretch

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the home stretch Empty
PostSubject: the home stretch   the home stretch I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2015 4:28 pm

**Whydoicry is seen putting on some bandages in the locker room. He is standing next to The Judge David Griffin who is laughing. Robbie Bennet enters the room and looks like he wants to interview one, if not both, wrestlers**

Robbie: Whydoicry!! It seems that things have looked up a bit. What is your take with everything that went down?

Whydoicry: I told you last week that I wouldn't tolerate the actions of Hydra. Until Hydra is taken care off, I will continue to do whatever is necessary.

Robbie: Do you think it's fair to cost Hydra matches like that?

Whydoicry: I have been viciously assaulted week after week by these guys. It's not my fault that they get distracted by my manifestation. If they weren't such pussies they wouldn't be afraid of me.  These guys have talked about protecting themselves and furthering their careers. What I see is a big bunch of egocentric, self-absorbed wimps.

Whydoicry: Take Soldier123 after his loss to the Arch Angel. Rather than keeping a cool and formulate a plan, he flips out on Wicked Blitz.  The fact of the matter is, these guys are afraid. They are in positions of power and don't want to lose those positions.

Whydoicry: So I say to them if they can't stand the heat then they shouldn't stand so close to the fire.

Robbie: Are you looking forward to your last man standing match?

Whydoicry: I am but I am not. I know that Hydra will get involved now that there is no disqualification. However, I have some friends that would like to meet Hydra.

**Whydoicry limps over to his black under armour gym bag and grabs his brass knuckles**

Whydoicry: My friends Fuck and You haven't been used in a while and need some polishing. However, they look forward to meeting Hydra.

Robbie: How do you feel about Chris Brooks interfering in your match?

Whydoicry: It is not a surprise. This is the type of behavior that Hydra has become known for. They can't keep out of other peoples business. With that being said, I did expect repercussions for appearing at ringside for Hydra's matches.

Whydoicry: I want to say one last thing. Lets face it, Not So Silent Bob couldn't hold a candle to me in the ring. Not So Silent Bob is a mental midget. He is incapable of functioning like a normal human being. With out Chris Brooks interfering, Not So Silent Bob would have had his ass kicked up and down the ring. As far as his television preferences, what straight male dosen't like female nudity? Makes me wonder if he is a closet homosexual.
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the home stretch
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