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 We all have a choice

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Developmental talent

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We all have a choice Empty
PostSubject: We all have a choice   We all have a choice I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 12:49 am

OOC: I'm writing this expecting a title push at some stage Twisted Evil Also sorry for leaving it so late, creativity comes when it comes I guess.

**The camera fades into focus upon a man, whose face is not fully visible, standing in near darkness. He has his head down in thought. Even in darkness, his presence is powerful to the point where it's near fear-inducing. There is complete silence - silence to the point where the man's breathing is ever so slightly audible. The man has a rather malicious grin on his face. The grin straightens faintly to a grave smirk. The man's face turns slightly, just enough for one to recognize him as Coulrophobia, but no more.**

Coulrophobia: "People will tell you all about how to 'succeed'. Y'know, by 'hard work, grit and determination', 'balancing work and play', 'being yourself' etc."  

**He chuckles momentarily.**

Coulrophobia: "It's kinda funny when you think about it though - the same people who are stuck on the bottom rung of the ladder, destined to go no further than maybe a rung or two higher, think they know how to get all the way to the top. Makes you wonder why they aren't there already, huh?"

**He pauses.**

Coulrophobia: "Are they wrong? Are they too scared to face the facts that they've been wrong their whole lives?"

**He pauses, slightly raising his head.**

Coulrophobia: "Or are they just showing that 'Easier said than done' maybe isn't easier said than done? They're the experts on the theory, are they just too [censored]ing weak to follow through with the practical? Or, maybe, just maybe, are they both?"

**He pauses yet again, with a slightly pensive look upon his face. He raises his head up fully.**

Coulrophobia: "But enough of that, that was just some food for thought for you.. The fact is, there are three types of people in life. First, the people that make it happen. Then, there's the people that watch it happen. Then, of course, there's the people that don't know what the [censored] is going on. What most people don't know is that the only instruction in this game called life is 'Choose one'."

**He turns around fully to face the camera. He now looks more serious, his eyes staring menacingly into it.**

Coulrophobia: "Well, I'm here to tell you that I've made my choice. To borrow some wisdom from the all-knowing people, "In order to get something you've never gotten, you gotta do something you've never had to do". Today is the day where it all begins. Today is the day where people will maybe start to understand what it really means to make a choice. Some of you are wondering what I'm talking about or what choice I made, and that's fine - I wouldn't expect you to understand anyway. Tonight though, two people will understand better than anyone.."

**The camera fades to black as he finishes speaking.**
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We all have a choice
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