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 Rich Gang taking TTF by storm

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Developmental talent

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Rich Gang taking TTF by storm Empty
PostSubject: Rich Gang taking TTF by storm   Rich Gang taking TTF by storm I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 2:50 pm

OOC: After Coul's match.

**Young Thug is seen in the ring holding a microphone. Up till now, no one has heard him speak so the fans are quite curious to see how he sounds.**

Young Thug: Ayyy I'm finna drop a couple barz on y'all asses, aight? Me and my brotha Rich Coulie Quan - also known as da Rich Gang - gon' be the rap lords up in here. Ya feel?

**Cue a melodic instrumental. Coulrophobia, despite being exhausted from his match, picks up a mic to provide backing vocals. The fans all have incredulous looks plastered upon their faces.**

Young Thug: Aight, leggo!

**Coulrophobia begins the intro, speaking in a normal voice.**

Coulrophobia: That Rich Gang lifestyle
Marble floors, gold toilets and chandeliers
Big money nebro take the jet
L.A. hit the bity boolin’ in the bondo
With a few females and they go to trippin'
Drankin’ that GTV, that tequila
Smokin’ them stunna green cigars (them big dawgs)
Nebro we neva hungover
Poppin’ bigger numbers with my nebros, straight B's only
Shout out to my love, my blood, my team
My gang, my family, and nebro ya know what we bleed
(You know what we bleed) 404, 305, 504
What’s poppin’, nebro? B-house of dank, put it in the air
This that YSL, Rich Gang, RCQ, YMCMB [censored]
Big B’s with a few C’s, PeeWee, what’s poppin’, nebro?
Bankroll mafia; Hot Beezle, what’s brackin’, nebro?
The pussy outta line, the pussy get they head bust, ya dig?
B-Loc and Bentley, y’all know the business
It’s B Slime or G5, rest in peace Tamara and Miss Gladys, boy
(Rich Gang, Rich Gang)

**The crowd is divided in opinion - half of them getting really into it, the other half too shocked or young to even understand what's going on. The beat changes and Young Thug exits the ring. He points straight to a female member of the audience, whose beauty is near supernatural. He holds the mic up to his mouth to start rapping.**

Young Thug: Work comin' in any day or later
Eat her candy, Now and Later
I ain’t through baby buying acres (Rich Gang)
(Racks racks!) Almost done
Lemme put somethin inside of ya stomach
Lemme put sum’ right up under ya lungs
Baby, I just wanna hit like Barry Bonds
I know all you wanna do is have fun
I put my heart inside yo pocket, you can't break it
I told you I love you to death, neva dissed you not once
You my twin, yeah you my twin
Baby, let’s stay together
You know you can neva diss me, baby, you know betta
You know I look at ya like gold, you my future trophy
She know she got my heart, she say do it, I jump like Tarzan

**Young Thug enters the ring again while smiling at Coulrophobia - who is screaming to the fans with phrases like 'Ayyyy let's get turned up monicas!'. Suddenly, he snaps and begins rapping again. Throughout this part, Young Thug gets progressively more aggressive and fast-paced.**

Young Thug: Drugs don’t stop, you know I can’t stop
Baby don’t press charges, she know that I’m on the block
When she pull up, she can’t go back, she gon' stop
She ain’t know what time it was 'til I bought her first clock
Rolex, spend $1,000 on a flock, no Wacka
And you know I’m comin’ back like Dem Boyz, no Shop
Loading up a Glock, take shots
I got Jays on a flava, flava watch
Billidybop, pull up shootin' buck shots (TOP NOTCH!)
Yeah, they watch me like a [censored]in cable box
Females wanna [censored] me and they also on my top
Mama told me neva give tops outside the shop
Pull up on yo girl, I’m lurkin’ like a cop
Pussy nigga play, I'ma BEAT them like a BOX
Hey, I'm the President, baby, blacker BARACK!
30’s on the Chevy, my nebro, plus it's a box
You should know me and sharp shooters sponsored by FOX
Split that money up in eight ways like I’m an octopus
On the campus with lots of pounds, kicked outta COLLEGE!
All I bleed is red but nebro, but I'm not stoppin' [censored](red light)
Pull up to the set and I come and pay all my homages
Hoppin' out on Bleveland I pour up straight out the pharmacy
Pussy nebro scared to say it, I got 'em hummin' [censored]
Lil [censored], you know I’m really thuggin' like Bones & Harmony

**The crowd are both astounded and impressed with Young Thug's musicality and his ability to snap and change up the flow. They are quite truly turning up. Young Thug, seeing this, changes his flow again to a slightly less aggressive but just as fast-paced one to end his rap.**

Young Thug: (Rich Gang) I can never... (be you)
I’m an animal, you know I got stamina
If a nebro ever got robbed, [censored] I’m the manager
And I got an African with weed over on Campbelton
Lil momma don’t go, keep it stompin’, I want that camel's toe
Pull up to the set with them sticks and have us an ammo show
Lead through the front door with that tec, take it out the back door
Bags in this [censored], so many bags like where the racks go?

**Young Thug drops the mic to the mat, and stands with Coulrophobbia lifting their hands up whilst soaking in the frenzied response of the fans. Their faces indicate how glorious this moment is to them, albeit in a more 'you haven't see anything yet' manner. They exit the ring to cries of 'RICH GANG, RICH GANG, RICH GANG'.**
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Rich Gang taking TTF by storm
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