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 Chris Zuvembie Killer

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GM Chris Brooks
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Best In The World
GM Chris Brooks

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PostSubject: Chris Zuvembie Killer    Chris Zuvembie Killer  I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 8:31 pm

** Chris Brooks is seen backstage. **

Chris Brooks: Whoa.. thank the lord. Managed to avoid the inside of a jail scene again.

** He gets a call. Phone shows the caller as VGM Jade Gillies. **

Chris Brooks: Jade! Great to hear you!

VGM Jade Gillies: Where are you, idiot?

Chris Brooks: Harsh. I'm right here backstage. Just got here after.. you know.

VGM Jade Gillies: Remain where you are.  

Chris Brooks: Geez, what a gank.

** He turns around to see Jade. **

Chris Brooks: Aw *censored*.

VGM Jade Gillies: Cute, Brooks. Listen, you got a match tonight.

Chris Brooks: What?

VGM Jade Gillies: Yeah.. you heard me.

Chris Brooks: Come on, Jade.

VGM Jade Gillies: Shhh.. you are facing Connor.

Chris Brooks: Didn't I squash him before?

VGM Jade Gillies: Uh.. did you?

Chris Brooks: Doesn't matter. I'll wrestle the damn match.

VGM Jade Gillies: Damn right you will.

Chris Brooks: I'll kill that zombie, Jade.

VGM Jade Gillies: Do whatever you want. Just don't kill him. We are not like Jeremiah Ace. We can't avoid murder punishment. I wish we could.. 

** Jade elbows Chris in the ribs and walks away as the camera fades. **
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Chris Zuvembie Killer
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