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 Owing Him One

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GM Chris Brooks
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Best In The World
GM Chris Brooks

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PostSubject: Owing Him One   Owing Him One I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2015 11:00 pm

** We see Soldier123 backstage. He has a big band-aid where he was cut open last week. He is pacing around. He searches for the GM's office. **

Soldier123: Where is Wolf?! Come on!

** He finds the door and barges in. **

GM Johnny Wolf: So rude. What is it?

Soldier123: Where were you, huh? Where were you?! When whydoicry busted me wide open with a freaking barbed wire bat?!!

GM Johnny Wolf: I was not in the arena. I left to take care of important business. Clearly that was a mistake.  

Soldier123: It was a savage beat down! I thought this is where dignified wrestling was at! Not that CZW garbage. I could have died from blood loss! GM, you owe me. Make this right.

GM Johnny Wolf: You're right. I do owe you. What do you want?

** Soldier123 seems surprised. He did not expect this. **

Soldier123: Um.. I did not expect that.. well, I want a rematch! For the Global title! And.. I want it tonight.

GM Johnny Wolf: Alright. Consider it done.

** Soldier123 is pleased with this decision. **

Soldier123: Good. Soldier out.

** Soldier123 exits the office and the camera fades. **
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Owing Him One
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