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Official forum for the TWG fed known as True Talent Fighting!
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PostSubject: More To Come   More To Come I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2016 1:17 am

[Right before match with Tsukiyama]

** Back For More by Five Finger Death Punch hits, and Po1ski emerges at the top of the ramp. He looks out towards the crowd, and then begins walking down the ramp, entering the ring. He gestures one of the ring crew for a microphone.**

Po1ski: Many people have been asking me about Whydoicry...or, uh...Flint...and I attacking Not So Silent Bob. And I think that that action doesn't really require an explanation. I mean, we've been fighting Hydra for months now. One loss at a pay-per-view doesn't settle this war. This is far from over.

** Po1ski pauses for a second, and then continues. **

Po1ski: I'm not gonna lie, the loss at Give It Up was a bit demoralizing. Being successful at every venture I've had made that loss that much harder. But I think of the old adage 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. And believe me, after Give It Up, Flint and I feel a helluva lot stronger.

** The crowd begins to cheer at that last statement. **

Po1ski: Now, last week may have been a turning point in this whole feud. When Bob said some stupid [CENSORED] about "killing" TTF, it seems that maybe Hydra doesn't have his back. It's obvious that our main beef is with Not So Silent Bob. He's been antagonizing us since he joined, he is easily the most disrespectful piece of garbage I've ever seen. But don't think for one second that the rest of Hydra is off the hook. They still have some hell coming for them. And it will be coming soon...

** Po1ski looks right into the camera. **

Po1ski: I've been hearing a lot of stuff backstage, so I might as well address it. Whatever happens to TTF happens. At the end of the day, all feds must come and go. That's a sad fact about life. Nothing lasts forever. But as long as True Talent Fighting is around, my one and only goal is to take the fight to Hydra and Not So Silent Bob. I know I have Flint's help, and if he is the only guy on my team, I'll still be happy because he is one tough S.O.B. So Hydra, if you thought we were done, you were sadly mistaken. Because it's about to get ugly.

** Po1ski redirects his attention to the entrance ramp. **

Po1ski: Now tonight I have a match against Tsukiyama. This guy claims that he is gonna bring a "revolution of intellectuality". Now, I'm not gonna dis the kid before his first match. I was brash on my first night as well. He's just trying to make a name for himself. But Tsukiyama, I'm about to show you that this is where the big dogs come to fight. Let's see what you got kid.

** Po1ski drops his mic outside of the ring, and waits for Tsukiyama. **
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More To Come
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