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True Talent Fighting

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Kenta Beifong
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Farewell   Farewell I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2016 6:57 pm

* After the match, Kenta Beifong's theme randomly hits and the fans cheer in response. *

Devon Wyatt: It's Kenta! Our former Fire champion is back again! We haven't seen him since his team lost to Hydra at Give It Up.

Philip Blake: He should have buried himself and stayed buried, but it's nice to see him back.

* Kenta enters the ring and takes a bow for the fans who welcomed him back. *

Kenta Beifong: I am back!

* Our fans cheer Kenta once more. *

Kenta Beifong: I have settled the lawsuit that prevented me from appearing on this program and use my full name.

* "Kenta" chants begin. *

Kenta Beifong: Last time I was seen, I and my teammates suffered a big loss.. the fed as a whole suffered a big loss. It was a huge match in all accounts. And we blew it.

* Kenta's regret is visible. *

Kenta Beifong: But I see my teammates did not give up with the fight. Neither am I. Now a lot has changed in the time I was gone. Bob decided he will somehow kill this federation, Hydra revealed it's whole goal was to "save and help" this federation and are now alienating Bob.. that's a lot to swallow.

* Kenta shakes his head. *

Kenta Beifong: I am not gonna actively pursue Hydra and Bob anymore..

* A portion of the crowd starts to boo. *

Kenta Beifong: And that is because after this season.. I plan on retiring from being an active wrestler.

* A loud gasp is heard from the audience. *

Kenta Beifong: I have been in this business for a long time and fought a lot of opponents. And I know when it is time to quit. I have a had a long and satisfying career and it's time to end it with grace.

* "Please don't retire" chants echo around the arena. *

Kenta Beifong: Don't feel bad about it. Because before I retire I am gonna fulfill the fans' greatest dream matches that can be arranged. Starting from next week until the PPV.

* Kenta looks around at the fans cheering him. *

Kenta Beifong: But me being retired, doesn't mean I will be shying away from a fight. And if I see Hydra or Bob misbehaving, I'll give em' a fight. So thank you and remember, don't stop fighting.

* Kenta raises his fist in the air. *

Devon Wyatt: Kenta Beifong had a great career and it's a bit sad to see it end.

Philip Blake: Ever the generous man he is, he will go out while doing what he does best, wrestling.. thank you, Kenta.
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