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True Talent Fighting

Official forum for the TWG fed known as True Talent Fighting!
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GM Chris Brooks
Best In The World
Best In The World
GM Chris Brooks

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PostSubject: Implosion    Implosion  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2016 8:03 pm

** We see Chris Brooks backstage looking for someone. He seems to be in a hurry. **

Chris Brooks: Bob! Bob!  

** He sees Bob in the distance. He walks up to him. **

Chris Brooks: Where the hell have you been? We have been calling and looking for you and got no replies. What the hell is up with you?

** Bob turns around to him. **

NSSB: Where have you and the squad been when Entropy laid me out last week?

Chris Brooks: I asked first so answer first.

NSSB: I have been busy plotting the death of this federation. I want you and the group to pitch in some ide-

Chris Brooks: Enough of this killing the fed crap. I don't wanna help kill this fed. I LIKE this fed. It's the best fed in this universe. Are you gonna leave the wrestling business in the hands of these amateurs and hacks?

NSSB: If I could kill all the feds, trust me.. I would. I can't do that so killing this one will do.

** Bob smirks as Chris Brooks facepalms. **

Chris Brooks: Bob, why do the hell do you wanna kill it? And even more, how will you do it?

NSSB: TTF is the home of some of the most rotten people alive. It has sick people. Porn stars, ass fetishists and more. Promoting these kinds of people is what is hurting America and the world as a whole.

Chris Brooks: I call bull, Bob.. you were never a saint.. there is another reason.

NSSB: Neither are you.. but you are starting to become a hypocrite. Claiming to be all about saving the fed when all we ever did was help it dissolve.

Chris Brooks: We were the best thing to happen to-

NSSB: Ratings were up, sure. But what we did to the roster, the politics, all the people we put away with permanent injuries-

Chris Brooks: It was all the higher management! I didn't want that! Blame the changes in the wrestling worl-

NSSB: NOW I CALL BULL! All we did was help this place rot.. and now I will finish the job.. whether I do it alone or with Hydra's help is your choice.

** Chris and Bob stare down angrily with the tension and animosity clear to all. Bob stops staring at Chris and walks away as the camera pans in on Chris' angered face before fading. **
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