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 Kenta trains for his title match

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Kenta Beifong
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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Kenta trains for his title match Empty
PostSubject: Kenta trains for his title match   Kenta trains for his title match I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2015 2:48 pm

* Kenta is seen in his own private training room in an unknown Gym. He is upset and is seen chopping away at a hanging boxing bag. *

Kenta Beifong: Last week Wicked Blitz crossed me despite what I told him. He bailed on me in that tag match. Wicked Blitz is the worst of that group. He was a scumbag even before those idiots decided to band up. I don't know how he and Soldier123 can be in the same room. I will get revenge against him but that's not tonight.  

* He keeps hitting the bag. *

Kenta Beifong: I was pinned last week in the tag match by Raverage. He is cocky. Arrogant.. but he's good. Good enough. I will give him the challenge and I will teach him how to hang with a legend in the ring. I hope he learns something. 

* He gives one final big blow to the bag. * 

Kenta Beifong: And last but not least.. Coulrophobia. He got the drop on me last week because I do not know his offense. But I will drop him where he stands if he ever guns for this title. 

* Kenta raises his Fire title. *

Kenta Beifong: I think this session is over. 

* He leaves and we now see the arena. *
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Kenta trains for his title match
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