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True Talent Fighting

Official forum for the TWG fed known as True Talent Fighting!
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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: golffan101   golffan101 I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 3:19 pm

** We see Robbie and a new debut backstage. **

Robbie Bennett: Golffan101!!! You are new to the federation. What can you tell us about yourself?

Golffan101: I am a man of worldly tastes. I have fought in many feds. I have been to France, China, Japan, Russia, Mexico and countries you didn't know existed. I have won and lost all over the world but in America. Many of these big time federations don't appreciate good talent. GM Johnny Wolf appreciates talent like I appreciate women. I am going to kick ass and take names in this fed. I am gunning for that fat shit Rikishi's title. When he least expects it, I will take the title from him.

** Golffan101 groans. Women pops up on screen rubbing her mouth. **

Woman: That was awesome.

Golffan101: ** kisses women. ** Thanks babe, that was amazing. Remember it ain't easy being sleazy.

**Golffan101 slaps the womens ass as the walk away. Whydoicry turns from his locker. **

Whydoicry: When in the blue hell did that woman enter here? I have been in the locker room the whole entire time.

** Whydoicry shakes his head. **

Robbie Bennett: Whydoicry!!! What do you think of the new comer?

Whydoicry: I have wrestled him in the past and he is no slouch. He is a quirky person though. He also isn't kidding about liking women. Rikishi will have a tough time with Gollfan101. But that's not my worry. I am worried about Hydra. They are not finished. I might have won the battle but I have not won the war. If their is one thing I learned from being the son of an abusive alcoholic, it is this: You need to know where and when to strike.

** Camera fade. **
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