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 golffan101 meets whydoicry

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PostSubject: golffan101 meets whydoicry   golffan101 meets whydoicry I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 12:44 pm

**Whydoicry is seen back stage talking to the new guy Golffan101**

Whydoicry: I can't believe that these people sign up to join a fed but do nothing. Why bother? I have a title match tonight with thuderbolt jr. Why on earth does this guy deserve to be in the same ring as me?

Golffan101: It beats the hell out of me. I have a match with Yelawolf. He came highly recommended from some bum named Psycho Mantis. What a worthless shit recommending someone so worthless as Yelawolf.

**Whydoicry is putting on his black boots**

Whydoicry: I can't wait to kick the shit out of Thuderbolt. Remind him that if he doesn't start pulling his weight, it is going to be a long ride for him in this fed.

Golffan101: I feel the same way. We should start by beating our respective opponents. We need to show that if you join this fed, you are expected to pull your weight. If you don't you will have to deal with us. Or we will sic that closet homosexual Not So Silent Bob and that worthless asshole rikishi on them.

** Simpleman (acoustic) plays.**

Whydoicry: That's my cue. Good luck tonight rookie.

**Whydoicry leaves**

Golffan101: Thanks.

**A women gets up.**

Women: I hate doing this on tile. It ruins my knees.  

**Women wipes some white stuff of her mouth**

Golffan101: That explains why it was a little rougher than usual.

**Golffan101 looks at the camera**

Golffan101: **winks at the camera.** Remember people it ain't easy being sleazy.

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golffan101 meets whydoicry Empty
PostSubject: Re: golffan101 meets whydoicry   golffan101 meets whydoicry I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 12:48 pm

** Camera fades. **
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golffan101 meets whydoicry
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