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 supernatural intro

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PostSubject: supernatural intro   supernatural intro I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 12:55 pm

**A man rolls up in a 1967 Chevy Impala with the song "Carry on my Wayward son" by Kansas blaring. He pulls up to the first open parking spot and stops his car. The driver steps out of the car wearing black sunglasses, a leather jack, a pair of jeans and steel toed boats. A man comes running towards him.**

Man: Hey!!! You can't park their. That's my spot.

???: Cram it with walnuts ugly. I don't care if it's your spot or not.

**??? decks the man**

???: Fucking idjit. **shakes his head** All that over a parking spot.

**??? looks at the camera. He takes his glasses off and smiles. **

???: My name is Supernatural. I am a hunter, a degenerate gambler and soul less bastard. My favorite past time is big game hunting.

Supernatural: But unlike most people big game hunting for me is not about hunting animals. It is about hunting for the best fights. Those come from humans. I came here because of Marcus Troy and his compatriot Entropy.

Supernatural: Entropy is a beast that has never been seen before by most people. But I have seen him in action. What he does is scary. He is a beast. If you look up monster in the dictionary their is a picture of him with no words.

Supernatural: But unlike many here, I believe that I can win. I can do what many other's can't and that is pin the beast. I will make him pay.

** Man on the floor groans and slowly starts to get up. Supernatural punts the guy**

Supernatural: Marcus **supernatural points to the man** that is going to be you and your friend.
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supernatural intro
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