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 roscar speaks

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Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: roscar speaks   roscar speaks I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2016 3:44 pm

"Spit It Out" By Slipknot is heard around the arena. Roscar9GRE shows up. He wears a black hoodie with a big 9 and he holds a microphone and the Fire championship belt. The crowd boos him and he shows them his belt, while laughing. He slowly enters the ring and his grin turns to an angry face.

Roscar9GRE: You ungraceful people. Every show I prove why I am the champion. I dismantle my enemies every night, but you still aren't satisfied. You know something ? I don't care. I DON'T CARE !! Because you are just a bunch of ididots. Yeah, that's what you are... A bunch of idiots who can't understand real talent.

Philip Blake: The Fire champion looks pretty pissed off with the crowd.

Roscar9GRE's face turns back to an evil grin.

Roscar9GRE: Enough talking about you. From now on I will focus on the important things. My career and Hydra. Tonight, I have a Champ vs Champ match. It's always great to win an overrated wrestler. Plus, he is a champion.

Roscar9GRE is laughing so hard.

Roscar9GRE: That Strong style championship is the worst title ever. C'mon... look at the history of this title. Rikishi and Raverage. Two freaks. My cat has more talent than those two. Raverage is a champion just because Rikishi was hurt in his match with golfann. And Rikishi... what an overrated idiot. That fat-ass is worthless he lost in his own match type.

Devon Wyatt: Big words are coming out of Roscar9's mouth tonight.

Roscar9GRE: After I literally destroy that smelly snail-eating French dude, I'll gladly kick Rikishi's fat ass anytime. That disgusting guy needs someone to teach him a lesson. Someone to teach him who rule TTF.

Crowd: Blow-Hard ! Blow-Hard !

Roscar9GRE: I'm not a blow-hard dolts. I'm just telling the truth. Hail Hydra and HAIL ME !!!

Devon Wyatt: Roscar9 insulted tonight two other wrestler's. This is not gonna turn out well.

Philip Blake: He is a the FIRE CHAMPION. He has all the rights to insult them.

Roscar9GRE drops his mic and he walks out as the camera fades out.
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roscar speaks
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