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Hunter Death
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Rp Guides ( IMPORTANT FOR RECRUITS! )   Rp Guides ( IMPORTANT FOR RECRUITS! ) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2014 10:03 pm

Hello, it is I your GM Hunter Death. Today, I'll guide you to rp fame! Well, maybe not. But you'll be good at it. Let's begin!

You've gotta start with your character's gimmick. If he's a good guy, the crowd'll love him. If he's a tweener, it'll be a mixed reaction, if he's a heel, he'll get booed pretty quick.

Now! For the setting! For the Entrance! But first, the theme! You've gotta think long and hard about this! When you make your decision, place it in.

EXAMPLE!:  - The camera pans on the entrance where Remedy- seether Blares through the speakers, as Hunter Death comes out, and runs towards the ring-

Now you got the Entrance part done.

Now off to the rp itself!

It is optional if you want to have color for the rps, but if you do or not you gotta bold the words.

Ex: Hunter Death: Welcome recruits!

Like that! Also, for the action you gotta use either the following:

* Hunter Death punches a man in the face *, ; Hunter Death punches a man in the face ; - Hunter Death punches a man in the face - Just a few examples of what you can use.

When you do the action you dont need to bold it, but if you want to that's you're choice! I dont judge!

And finally view the following link for the commentators, ring announcers, and interviewers , and GM.
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