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 Raverage RP Show n°2 1/2

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Raverage RP Show n°2 1/2 Empty
PostSubject: Raverage RP Show n°2 1/2   Raverage RP Show n°2 1/2 I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2015 1:25 am

The Cameraman enters in the locker room.

We can see Raverage, back to camera

sit on a wooden bench with his earphones,

prepares himself for tonight's match.

*Robbie Bennett enters there and interview Raverage*

Robbie Bennett : Excuse me ?

*Raverage, still turned towards the lockers*

Raverage : Yes ?

Robbie Bennett : Can I ask you few questions about you opponent tonight

Raverage : Sure.

Robbie Bennett : Allright, did you saw the 2 promos about the wrestler Connor Michalek ?

Raverage : Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Robbie Bennett : Do you think will be able to defeat this new superstar after last week's loss ?

Raverage : Definitly sure about that. I will show thew what I am really capable to do here.

Robbie Bennett : Well, Raverage's ready to face this superstar, tonight on..

*Raverage suddenly turns around and remove his earphones*

Raverage : What the hell are you doing here ?

*Robbie, surprised, says*

Robbie Bennett : I was here for interview and..

*Raverage shouts*

Raverage : Shut up ! I am talking to my trainer right now !

That's a private conversation.

Nobody taught you to knock on a door before enter in a room, mal élevé (bad-mannered) !

Now get out of here before I beat you up !

Robbie Bennett : O.. Ok.

*Robbie leave the locker room*

Phillip Blake : Haha ! I love that guy ! He doesn't even care about Staff Members !

Devon Wyatt : Come on ! Why are you laughing ? He didn't know.

Phillip Blake : He should have be more careful.

Devon Wyatt : Another pathetic answer.

Like everytime..

Stay tuned, we're coming back, after a commercial break

Phillip Blake : Huh ? What did you say ?

*Commercial break*
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Raverage RP Show n°2 1/2
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