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 The Archangel Jacob Jones' Opening

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The Archangel Jacob Jones
Developmental talent
Developmental talent

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PostSubject: The Archangel Jacob Jones' Opening   Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:28 pm

*“The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash comes on over the loudspeakers as the lights go out.*

*The fans wait in anticipation as the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning fills the arena, when all of a sudden there’s a bright flash! When everyone’s sight comes back to normal, they see The Archangel Jacob Jones standing in the middle of the ring, wearing a dark hooded cloak.*

Devon Wyatt: WHOA!!! What was that???

Philip Blake: You idiot, it’s just another wannabe trying to prove he’s different than everyone else.

*The Archangel begins to speak, with the fans awaiting his words*

The Archangel Jacob Jones: My name is Jacob Jones, and I am The Archangel and the Guardian Angel.

Philip Blake: Who does this guy think he is, coming out here and making these claims?

The Archangel: How does one come to be successful? Hard work? Sometimes. Cheating? Sometimes. Entitlement? Sometimes.

*The fans are still unsure how to react.*

The Archangel: I see that there are many people in this business who believe that they are entitled to receive something. And when some of those people don’t get what they feel to deserve, they resort to immoral tactics. I am here to rid this company of those immoral and entitled wrestlers, because hard work should pay off, and people like them ruin that for that blue collar crowd.

*The fans begin lightly cheering.*

The Archangel: Morality is what everyone should strive to achieve, not success. Success does not give you anything worthwhile. Success corrupts. Success is one of those things that you cannot bring with you after you die. Success may feel good in the now, but when it comes to your final days, will it help you then?

Devon Wyatt: Those are some strong words.

Philip Blake: This isn’t a get help seminar! This guy needs to focus more on wrestling…

The Archangel: My tangent is done. I have nothing else to say other than a challenge to the other wrestlers backstage and elsewhere. I am a fighter, and I am willing to step in the ring with anyone to prove my point.

*The lights then go off, and when they come back on, The Archangel is nowhere to be found.*
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The Archangel Jacob Jones' Opening
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