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 Raverage RP Show n°3

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Raverage RP Show n°3 Empty
PostSubject: Raverage RP Show n°3   Raverage RP Show n°3 I_icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2015 2:16 am

Devon Wyatt : Hello and welcome back for some TTF action and look what just happened after Raverage's match and during the commercial break.

*A video is aired on the Titantron*

*Raverage is walk across the backstage area and shouting*

Raverage : Come on, David !
Where the hell are you ?!?

*He heard noises in a room*

Raverage : Gotcha !

*He open the door and sees April Lee in a Bra and Panties*

*She screams and hide her body*

Raverage : Oh ! Oh ! *hiding his eyes*
I'm sorry ! I'm really sorry !

*He closes the door*

Raverage : ...
Nice body though.

*Raverage shouts*

Raverage : David !

Phillip Blake : Another embarrasing moment for him..

Devon Wyatt : Let's go back to ringside !
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Raverage RP Show n°3
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