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 Captain Rump Bio

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Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Captain Rump Bio   Captain Rump Bio I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2015 9:06 pm

Wrestler Name: Captain Rump
Wrestler Nickname: Rump of Justice
Wrestler Type: Resistance
Wrestler Height: 6'3
Wrestler Weight: 495 lbs
Wrestler Age: 21
Wrestler's Physical Build: Considered overweight. Massive gut, and giant rump.
Wrestling Attire: Full body black spandex. White briefs. White boots/gloves.  White detachable cape. A giant ass is on the center of his chest.
Face or Heel: Face
Wrestler's Gimmick: Superhero. Win's in the name of justice and use his massive rump to subdue his opponents. Despite his massive weight, he's very agile.
Biography: Captain Rump's heroic days started out in high school. Captain Rump was constantly bullied and humiliated due to his massive weight.  He learned of superheros as a child and awaited for a hero to save him. However that time never came. Captain Rump decided he wasn't going to stick around and be pushed around, when he decided to become a superhero of his own.  He created a costume and decided to use his massive rump to subdue his bullies, thus a new superhero was born. Now Captain rump has turned his attention towards wrestling.

--- Super Stinkface (Captain Rump grabs [nome] and irish whips him into the corner turnbuckle.  Captain Rump slaps his giant belly, than runs over toward [nome]. Rump leaps into the air and slams his belly against [nome]'s chest causing him to fall into a seated position against the turnbuckle. Captain Rump turns himself around and sits on [nome]'s face. After a few seconds he begins to grind his massive rump against [nome]'s face, executing a Super Stinkface.)

--- Rumpslam (Captain Rump kicks [nome] in the gut and causes [nome] to stumble towards the apron. Captain Rumps charges toward [nome]. As he gets closer he leaps into the air and turns himself around slamming his rump into [nome]'s face. Captain rump's massive rump wraps around [nome]'s face, and  knocks him down to the ground. Captain rump sits on [nome]'s face for a few seconds before finally getting up executing a Rumpslam.)

---Squash ( Captain Rump delivers a big boot to [nome] causing him to fall to the mat. Captain Rump  walks over to a nearby corner turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Captain Rump leaps off the turnbuckle and crashes down onto [nome] with his giant belly., squashing [nome] against the mat. Captain Rump gets off [nome] and runs to the apron. He rebounds off of it, and charges toward [nome]. He leaps into the air once more and crashes his massive rump down onto [nome]'s face executing a Squash.]
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Captain Rump Bio
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