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 Rump VS Elec promo

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PostSubject: Rump VS Elec promo    Rump VS Elec promo  I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 2:24 pm

Devon Wyatt: Earlier our cameraman filmed Electrifyy preparing for his big match with Rump. He also gave us his REAL thoughts on Rump and the upcoming match. Have a look.

** Footage of Electrifyy in a Martial Arts Dojo begins to play. We see Electrifyy sparring with trainees and practicing moves. Footage cuts to Elec talking to the cameraman. **

Electrifyy: I love the dojo environment. I love it here. I always come here, especially before a big match. Last time I came to a dojo before a big match was before I had the legendary triple threat with Jeremiah Ace and Kouji Tanaka. It was in Japan. I sparred with a lot of the Japanese wrestling friends I have. I thought for sure I would win and become GXWS champion.. I lost.

** Regret on Electrifyy's face is visible. **

Electrifyy: It was a great match that I'm proud of. It's the best match I ever had. But I lost. And after the loss the downfall began. A month later after the big triple threat, I faced Rump for the first time.. at NGNG 3. He tapped me out, no excuses. Clean. What he did after the match.. that was uncalled for.

** Footage of Rump performing the Stinkface on Elec after their match ended at GXWS NGNG 3 is seen. **

Electrifyy: He played nice the entire build up to the match, he said I'm a good man and what does he do? Stabs me in the fucking back after we had a classic match. I showed him nothing but respect and he humiliated me.

** Electrifyy is clearly getting angry. **

Electrifyy: And that's when I realized Rump was not the hero he claimed he was. He is a liar and a hypocrite. I don't care that I got fired from GXWS, but the fact that that is how I left the company.. makes me sick. I never got over it. I know Bouncer had a hand in getting Rump to humiliate me, but he could have said no.. he could have been a real hero. Standing up to the villain.. he could have gave me a handshake after the match and sent me out of the fed like the respected star I was. No. He had to get his big spot in. He had to look good with his signature ritual.

** We see a montage of Electrifyy performing various MMA holds on his sparring partners. He makes all them of tap out. **

Electrifyy: I have been waiting for a chance to get Rump in a rematch with me for ages. When I found out he joined this federation, I knew what had to go down. I tried keeping the real feelings I had for him inside. I wanted to be the bigger man, but to this day Rump has shown me nothing but disrespect. So here it is.. the real reason I wanted this rematch.

** Electrifyy is shown doing cardio on the treadmills, performing pull ups and doing crunches. He is in peak conditioning. His voice is heard talking. **

Electrifyy: My plan for tonight, is not to stinkface Rump after our match, it's not to beat him with a chair, it's simply.. tap him out. When this night is over, I will be the only man to ever tap out Captain Rump. And that's how I will get him back. 

** Camera fades out to black. **
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Rump VS Elec promo
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