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 Hydra Meets Wolf

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GM Chris Brooks
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Best In The World
GM Chris Brooks

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Hydra Meets Wolf Empty
PostSubject: Hydra Meets Wolf   Hydra Meets Wolf I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2015 3:14 pm

** Hydra enters the GM Office without knocking. **

GM Johnny Wolf: What do you wankers want?

Chris Brooks: Watch the language, Morrison.
GM Johnny Wolf: I DO NOT LOOK LIKE JOHN MORRISON. Sit your ass down and talk.

** Chris sits down on a chair and crosses his legs. **

Chris Brooks: We choose Blitz to face your so called world champion.

GM Johnny Wolf: Why? He already won his match tonight.

Chris Brooks: He really dislikes whydoicry.

GM Johnny Wolf: Don't you all?  

Chris Brooks: Can't speak for the rest.. but I sure don't. He's a good kid. He has talent. Sure, he has a big mouth on him but don't we all? In a different universe he is probably fighting with us and not against us. For some reason we just rubbed him the wrong way.

GM Johnny Wolf: Why torture the damn man?

Chris Brooks: Same reason JBL used to bully the likes of Miz and such. I as a veteran.. I'm breaking him into the business. He needs to learn to speak when spoken to. New kids don't realize that now..

GM Johnny Wolf: Real old school, Bill DeMott.

Chris Brooks: Cute. You heard what we had to tell you.

** Chris Brooks and his friends are about to leave. **

GM Johnny Wolf: ..Brooks.

** Chris turns around. **

GM Johnny Wolf: Ever since Noah.. you changed.

** Hydra leaves and doesn't look back as the camera fades. **
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Hydra Meets Wolf
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