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 whydoicry is a Jolly son of a bitch

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Not so Silent Bob
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whydoicry is a Jolly son of a bitch Empty
PostSubject: whydoicry is a Jolly son of a bitch   whydoicry is a Jolly son of a bitch I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2016 5:22 pm

As the show opens, we see Not so Silent Bob sitting the backstage area alone. He is holding his championship.

NSSB: Welcome back to a new season, viewers. Did you miss me?  

NSSB grins.

NSSB: I know you did. How do you feel? Mad? Sad? Did you complain online on your dead forums?

NSSB chuckles.

NSSB: How does it make you feel that I defeated three of this fed's aces? People said I can't do it. But I did. People said I wouldn't beat that piece of trash that held the title before me.. I did.

NSSB stands up.

NSSB: I done so much here in such little time. I have done so much.. that I have gotten bored of this. I have gotten bored of holding this title. I have gotten bored of this federation. I have transcended all of this.

NSSB yawns and stretches his arms. He begins to pace around the backstage area.

NSSB: And I realized something.. because I hold this title, I hold the power. And I realized what I want to do with this power..

NSSB stands still, pauses and stares into the camera.

NSSB: I want to kill TTF. I will make it my goal to make sure this federation never gets to see another season again. I built this federation and now I will end it. So enjoy watching these final episodes while it's possible. Because after this season, it will be gone forever.

NSSB places his title over his shoulder and walks off camera as the camera fades to black.
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whydoicry is a Jolly son of a bitch
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