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 Interview with Po1ski before his match with WarlockOPain

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Interview with Po1ski before his match with WarlockOPain Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Po1ski before his match with WarlockOPain   Interview with Po1ski before his match with WarlockOPain I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2015 12:17 am

** The camera fades in to show Po1ski in the locker room. There is a bandage above his left brow from being thrown into the ring post by WarlockOPain last week. Po1ski is sitting on a bench, seeming to be in deep thought, when April Lee walks up to him. **

April Lee: Po1ski? I was wondering if we could get a quick interview before your match with WarlockOPain.

** Po1ski looks up. A flash of anger appears on his face at the sound of WarlockOPain's name, but his face settles back into a calm, neutral expression. **

Po1ski: Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead.

April Lee: First, before we get into the deeper questions, you made your debut a couple of weeks ago. Now that you are more well acquainted with True Talent Fighting, what are your plans while you are here?

Po1ski: Well, at first, it was to do things in wrestling that I've never done. I've had a relatively short career. I've held the Strong Style championship in another great federation, but I've never been a world champion, or a tag team champion. Now, of course I am definitely more of a singles competitor, but change is good every once in awhile. But after last week...

** Another flash of anger appears on Po1ski's face. This time it's a lot harder to suppress, but eventually his face returns to a more calm, perhaps even calculating expression. **

Po1ski: My one and only goal is to take out Hydra. There's no other way to put it. They are obviously the biggest threat to my long term goals. I am the Polish Freight Train, and Hydra...

** Po1ski looks into the camera with cold, determined eyes. **

Po1ski: You just put yourselves on the tracks. Next question, April.

April Lee: Ok then. I understand that you would want to, as you put it, “take out” Hydra. But why join Whydoicry, Kenta, and Sleepwalker? To me, it would sound like you would want to handle this type of business on you're own.

Po1ski: That's a good question, and one that I have been asked a lot the past few days. And the answer is quite simple. I want to take out Hydra, but no matter what, they always have the numbers game. It's certainly not going to work if I try to take all of them at once. Of course, 1-on-1, I can take them out. As shown last week with that punk, Soldier123.

** April Lee looks around nervously after that last statement, as if expecting Hydra to appear at any moment. **

Po1ski: But it's clear to me that to take out Hydra, you have to have someone on your side. It doesn't hurt my pride to admit that Whydoicry, Kenta, and Sleepwalker are a great alliance to have against a formidable opponent. And as the adage goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

April Lee: Ok, thank you Po1ski. One last question. What is your plan for you match tonight against WarlockOPain? Do you plan on getting redemption for him attacking you during your match last week?

Po1ski: I plan on destroying WarlockOPain. He had no business coming and ruining my match with Electrifyy. We had a great match going, and I hate that it ended that way. I also know that Hydra is probably going to interfere, so I have to use my time against WarlockOPain effectively. To put my plan into three words: Quick, Brutal, Annihilation.

April Lee: Well, it will certainly be interesting to see how the match turns out. Thanks again for answering my questions, Po1ski.

Po1ski: No problem.

April Lee: Well, that's all for this interview, back to you guys.

** The camera fades to black, and then switches feeds to the announcers, Devon and Phillip, who are waiting for the match of WarlockOPain vs Po1ski. **
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Interview with Po1ski before his match with WarlockOPain
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