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 Mind Too Wasted to Think of a Title

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Marcus Troy
Developmental talent
Developmental talent
Marcus Troy

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Mind Too Wasted to Think of a Title Empty
PostSubject: Mind Too Wasted to Think of a Title   Mind Too Wasted to Think of a Title I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2016 5:42 pm

?:  "And history shall repeat itself as the atrocities in Salem shall once again roar high against a poor unsuspecting soul.  "

**  The camera pans towards the source of the voice...  The manager of the monster Entropy, Marcus Troy.  **

Marcus Troy:  "It was a dark time in America's history when innocent people were tortured and killed, charred beyond recognition as flesh and bone turned to ashes just because they were accused of witchcraft.  Fear and superstition commanded the weak minds of the populace as they unjustly judged and executed the weak, condemning them by naming them a witch or a warlock."

**  Troy pauses for a moment in silence...  **

Marcus Troy:  "But tonight, a man who blatantly calls himself a warlock steps forth to challenge my client.  But that is what he is...   Just a man...  Just another man whose bones can be broken, whose flesh can be burned, whose foolishness shall be his undoing for he stepped into the realm of chaos!  And like Salem, those who step into this realm shall burn in the fires of ENTROPY!  Tonight a warlock shall burn, tonight his screams shall be a symphony offered up to the god of chaos' realm...  TONIGHT HIS SOUL SHALL BE CONSUMED BY ENTROPY!"

**  Marcus Troy begins chuckling as shadows close in, suddenly flames burst forth with such brightness and the silhouette of the monster Entropy is seen just before the scene cuts to black.  **
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Mind Too Wasted to Think of a Title
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