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 Reducere diligimus hedum de morte I

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Connor Michalek
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Developmental talent

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Reducere diligimus hedum de morte I Empty
PostSubject: Reducere diligimus hedum de morte I   Reducere diligimus hedum de morte I I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2015 10:49 pm

**The scene is set at an unknown place. Sand surrounds the area. Lifeless. At the center of this vast area there is a crater. Crater so deep. The sight of this crater gives shivers to even grown men. All of the sudden there are some activity.**

**A hand.**

**Feminine and young at the same time ancient and disturbed. Someone is holding to the edge of the crater trying to pull up. Relentless seconds past as the owner of the hand struggle to drag herself out of the crater.**

**The struggle finally pays off. She is out. She is lying on the sand, breathless. Her cloths are torn as if she was in a big struggle. Her facial expressions change. She is smiling. She wipe her hair and stands up.**

Girl: Well done Rita! Well done!

**She laughs to herself. An old man can be seen in the distance. He walks towards the girl. The sight of the old man thrills Rita. She runs towards him almost as if the sight of seeing a familiar face has taken away the pain from the struggle she had earlier.**

Rita: The Old Wise One! You were right!

**The old man smiles with a proud agreement.**

The Old Man: Didn’ I tell ye ma dear. Tis was the ri’t thin’ to do.

Rita: I just love you.

**The old man smiles once again**

Rita: If everything is in place. We will be able to bring him.

The Old Man: Jus’ like I di’ wit’ ma love.

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Reducere diligimus hedum de morte I
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