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 Rikishi's Final Match

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PostSubject: Rikishi's Final Match   Rikishi's Final Match I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 11:43 pm

Rikishi's theme music fills the arena as he makes his way out of the backstage area and into the arena wearing his normal attire consisting of a pair of red lycra wrestling briefs and some black boots. Rikishi stands at the entrance ramp for a few moments and stares out toward the crowd. It only takes them a matter of seconds before they start to boo him. Rikishi ignores the crowd and slowly makes his way down to the ring holding a microphone in his right hand. He uses his left hand to flip the bird to the crowd. Once Rikishi approaches the ring he slides in and walks into the center. Rikishi waits a few moments before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Rikishi: “Tonight's been a long time coming, but I finally decided i'm done wrestling for you morons. It's time for me to check out of the wrestling business for good. I've grown bored of this shit. I'm tired of dealing with these shitty ass wrestlers, and i'm fucking tired of dealing with all of you. So I decided after I win my match tonight i'm no longer wrestling ever again; it's time to put these briefs up once and for all."

Rikishi looks out to the crowd for a moment.

Rikishi: “But don't worry you're in for one hell of a match tonight. Tonight's match is going to be a squash match that you'll never forget and you can bet your ass i'm going to have fun beating the living shit out of Roscar9GRE. Not to mention how much fun it's going to be smothering that moron with my ass.“

Rikishi pauses for a moment and begins to chuckle.

Rikishi: “Earlier this evening i'm sure you guys saw my little run in the security guards. If you thought that was good you're going to enjoy seeing the shit I put Roscar9GRE through. Not to mention I have a little surprise for him. Because today I had a little prematch ritual that was done especially for him.“

Rikishi begins to laugh like a hysterical maniac.

Rikishi: “You see right before I came out here tonight I took one of the nastiest shits i've ever taken in my life. It felt like I gave birth to a mini me. It was such a wonderful occasion for me that I knew I had to share it with Roscar9GRE. So tonight during our stinkface match, i'm going to turn Roscar9GRE into a true brown noser!“

Rikishi continues to laugh like a maniac while the crowd boos him.
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Developmental talent

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PostSubject: Re: Rikishi's Final Match   Rikishi's Final Match I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2016 5:23 pm

"Spit It Out" By Slipknot is heard around the arena. Roscar9GRE shows up. He wears a black hoodie with a big 9 and he holds a microphone and the Fire championship belt. The crowd starts cheering for him.

Roscar9GRE: Hold on! Hold on! All this meaningless words you say, are just bullshit to me. You will turn me into a brown noser? You should try. I will enjoy kicking your ass. Bitch!!!

The crowd starts cheering really hard.

Roscar9GRE: You said, that that's your last match. Such a shame, that your last match is tonight. And you know why? Because YOU WILL LOSE. I will crush you down. And that's not a promise or a prediction. It's the truth.

Roscar9GRE pauses for a second as the crowd goes wild.

Roscar9GRE: But no more talking man. The only way to prove who says the truth is to wrestle. So I don't have anything else to say. The ring is the only one who never lies and the onlyone who you should believe. That's all.

Roscar9GRE waits for a moment and the turns around and heads towards backstage. Camera fades out.
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Rikishi's Final Match
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