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 Po1ski Makes His Debut

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PostSubject: Po1ski Makes His Debut   Po1ski Makes His Debut I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2015 8:01 pm

Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch hits. The crowd stands on their feet, unsure if what they're seeing is real or not. Some begin to cheer, most just stand in silent excitement. Then, emerging, from the backstage, Po1ski begins to walk down the ramp, towards the ring. Most of the crowd erupts in cheers, happy to see the Polish Freight Train. The others either don't know who he is, or still despise him from is old days in Shoot Wrestling Society. Po1ski enters the ring, and then gestures for a microphone.

Po1ski: Well...well...well...hello ladies and gentlemen...

A small pop emerges from the crowd

Po1ski: I honestly never thought I'd be in a wrestling ring again. After my short but amazing tenure with Shoot Wrestling Society, I thought it was time to hang up the boots.

A small reassuring boo comes from the crowd.

Po1ski: But, I just couldn't do it. There was too much unfinished business with my wrestling career. I've never held a tag team championship. I've never been a world champion. And in this day and age, there are so many young and talented superstars coming up the ranks, desperately trying to prove themselves. It just felt wrong throwing away my great talent, when so many others train so hard just to get a shot to be where I'm standing.

The crowd nods silently in agreement. A few cheers come from the upper sections of the arena. For the most part, the crowd remains silent, listening intently.

Po1ski: Also, before Shoot Wrestling Society unfortunately closed down, I was the hottest talent on the roster. I was the Strong Style champion, and am STILL currently undefeated. However, I know in today's wrestling world, the present is the most important thing. So I am ready, willing, and able to prove myself once again. Anyway, I did see last season of True Talent Fighting. And I gotta say, it was...interesting...

A few “Hail Hydra!” chants come from the crowd, but the vast majority boos them into submission.

Po1ski: Exactly. That's who I'm talking about. Hydra...

The crowd now overwhelmingly boos at the mention of the stable.

Po1ski: I know, I know. They aren't the most honorable of characters. Or weren't? I'm not even sure if their still around. After Soldier 123 got his ass handed to him on a silver platter by Whydoicry, and lost his VGM powers, they might not still be around. Who knows. But I'm not here to diss Hydra or give them any disrespect. After all, they were a group of arse kickers, kinda like me. Now I never cost people championships or anything like that, but that's neither here nor there.

Po1ski pauses for a second, and then continues.

Po1ski: I get I'm rambling a bit here, I'm honestly just so proud to be back in wrestling that I'm hogging all the mic time I can. But let's wrap things up and get on with a show. I'm not here to give a “message” to the other wrestlers in the locker room. A message isn't needed. To me, actions speak louder than words. And when you see what I do to Steven Wolfe in this ring tonight, you'll know EXACTLY...what I'm talking about.

Po1ski drops the microphone and heads out of the ring, into the backstage area. The crowd cheers him as he exits, giving a chant of “Polish Freight Train! *clap* clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*”. The camera fades to black and then switches to the next segment of the show.
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Po1ski Makes His Debut
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